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Book Recommendations 10/10/17

5 picture books to read today.

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Now that I’ve written 2 posts about why reading is important and how to fit reading into your family life, . M and I go to our local public library every Tuesday for story time, return some books, and pick out some new ones. Even though M is only 3 months old, I love taking him to story time because it is a great way for me to meet other moms, but I also love exposing him to other people reading, singing, and dancing. He is quite the people watcher. My goal is to share three to five books that we really liked for the week.

Black Cat, White Cat By Silvia Borando -If you’re looking for a book with high contrast for the baby that will help to nurture their vision development, but also has a story, this is the book for you. Borando illustrated this book about two cats in only black and white. The black cat has never seen the night. The white cat has never seen the day. One day they decide to go out and happen to meet.

  1.  Troll and the Oliver by Adam Stower -I am in love with this story. Every day when Oliver goes out, Troll tires to eat him. But catching an Oliver is quite tricky. The end is not quite what you would expect, which is what makes the story so cute. Both my husband and I laughed out loud when we read it the first time. I’ve actually renewed it twice because I like it so much, really I should just buy it.
  2.  No Pirates Allowed Said Library Lou By Rhonda Gowler Greene -This book is perfect for older children, I would say recommended for 5+. My husband is obsessed with rhyming books so he is a huge fan of this one. Plus we both like the story. It is about Pirate Pete who comes into the library looking for treasure. Library Lou ends up teaching him how to read. By the end, he finds a treasure, but not the kind you expect. Both my husband and I love illustrations by Brian Ajhar. The pictures in this book are wonderfully done.
  3.  Goodnight, Grizzle Grump! By Aaron Blecha -This book was one of my most favorites from the week. Grizzle Grump is looking for someplace to hibernate, he tries a forest, a stream, a swamp…But they are all too noisy. I love the repetition everytime he finds a new place, “he scratches and sniffs, teeters and totters, wiggles and wobbles, flips and flops, and finally snoozes and snores.” When M gets older it would be a great way to get some last little wiggles out before going to sleep.
  4.  You Are Not Small By Anna Kang – This is an early reading book, so it is pretty short. But really cute and a great way to teach big, small and perspective. Some bears are big and some bears are small. But some bears are bigger and others are smaller. The illustrations by Christopher Weyant The New Yorker cartoonist are really nice and tell a story that size depends on who you’re standing next to.

Stay tuned to see the books we love most for next week. Have you read any of these books? What are your favorites?


To find out more about why reading to baby is so important or 6 tips to make reading a part of your family schedule please visit my previous blog posts.



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10 replies on “Book Recommendations 10/10/17”

I suprisingly haven’t read any of these books to my little humans! Which seems crazy weird since we read every night. I’m on my way to the library today to pick them up. Thanks for the recommendations!! 🤗


Oh this is a fab list of books. I’m at the library with my babes and going to check a few of these out ❤️❤️❤️


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