Fall 2017 Bucket List

Oh, my favorite season is here. Here is the list of things we’d like to do this fall. I wonder how many we will be able to mark off.

Oh, my favorite season is here. Of course, I think I say that everytime the season changes. After a long winter, I am happy to see spring, after a wet spring, I am happy to see summer, after a hot summer I am happy to see fall, and I am usually happy to see winter, at least until Christmas. But I am extremely happy for this fall. If you’ve read some of my previous posts you know this was the worst Central Oregon summer on record. The temps were in the mid to high 90s the whole time and the smoke from the wildfires straddled the line between unhealthy and hazardous. So we are going to make the most of the fall.

Fall Bucket List! (1)


Here is the list of things we’d like to do this fall. I wonder how many we will be able to mark off.

  • Go, Apple Picking.
    • The Fruit Loop– This will be our big fall road trip. The fruit loop is located in Hood River, Oregon and this will be our second time visiting. The fruit loop is amazing and there are so many different things for the whole family. You can visit fruit stands, u-pick farms, winery tours, lavender farms, and alpaca farms. Here is a link to their event calendar. We like to go during their fall festival for apple picking. The last time we went I was able to bring home enough apples to make 2 apple pies and for us to eat apples until we were sick.
  • Go to the Pumpkin Patch
    • Smith Rock Pumpkin Patch– My husband and I go to this pumpkin patch every IMG_2266year, even before we had M. When we first started going it was pretty much just a pumpkin patch and a corn maze, but it has become so much more over the last few years. It is very kid and family friendly. They have a put-put golf course, petting zoo, pumpkin cannon, live music, and more. We like this pumpkin patch because it has a beautiful view of Smith Rock and it is family owned and operated. The Lisignoli family took something old, and run down and turned it into a beautiful farm and business. If you are in the Central Oregon area, we highly recommend it. Here is a link to their activities and pricing page, and here is a link to their live music and events calendar.
  • Use the Crock Pot a Ton
    • I love my crock pot every season but especially in the fall and winter. I love to make soups, chilis, actually, you name it I like to cook it.
  • Be Outside
    • You guys are probably sick of me telling you how horrible the summer was here. But seriously, it was the worst. So, I am excited to take M outside, go on walks, and just be out in nature, something we definitely didn’t get to do in his first 2 1/2 months of life.
  • Go on a Hay Ride
  • Bake Yummy Treats
  • Roast Pumpkin Seeds
  • Carve Pumpkins
  • Drink Apple Cider and Hot Cocoa
  • Go Hiking
    • Silver Falls State Park– this is one of my most favorite hikes. But it is even better in the fall. The trail is lined with beautiful leafy IMG_2268trees all turning the beautiful gold, reds, and oranges. In fact, it is so beautiful that it tends to be pretty busy on the weekends because so many people want to take pictures of the beautiful location and fall colors. It does cost $5 to park for the day, but it is totally worth it.
    • Mirror Lake– I’ve always wanted to hike here but for some reason, we’ve never stopped. This hike is on the way to Hood River, so maybe this year we will get to…
    • Smith Rock-This hike is very beautiful, but it has one extremely challenging section. Perfectly named “Misery Ridge.”
  • Cuddle up next to the woodstove and watch movies and play games
  • Host Thanksgiving
  • Seasonal Candles


  • Go to the Corn Maze
  • Check out local fairs and festivals
    • Bend Fall Festival– October 6-8th there is pumpkin carving, gourmet food and wine, a harvest market, music and much more. Events like this are fun because they are a great opportunity to get out and meet up with friends and other locals. This year I am excited to see the pie baking contest, pumpkin carving contest, live music, and the food and wine.
    • Fall Festival– this festival takes place out on Brasada Ranch, which is a beautiful resort in Powell Butte. I am interested in this event because it has hay rides and I think it would be super fun to take M on his first hayride. This event is October 28th from 12 pm – 4 pm.
  • Dress Up- We won’t be taking M trick-or-treating because he is too little but there are other fun events around town that are cause for dressing up.
    • Monster Dash 5k– I love running. But sometimes I need a good excuse to get back into it. Whenever I am training for a race I tend to be extremely motivated. Plus most people come dressed up, which is so much fun, more fun than your typical race. Also, the proceeds from the race go to Younity which is an anti-bullying project.
  • Host a Wine Exchange Party
    • We’ve done this party a few times, and it has been really fun. Similar to a cookie exchange party. But everyone gets to take a nice bottle of wine to their Holiday dinner parties.
  • Host a bonfire
    • Roast Marshmallows


I love fall and I hope we get to do everything on this list and more. What is on your fall bucket list?



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21 replies on “Fall 2017 Bucket List”

What a great Fall Bucket List! Fall is one of my favorite seasons too. Some of my bucket list items include going to a pumpkin patch, making lots of crockpot meals and my husband’s delicious chili, football games, and going to a haunted house.


I love that you put “Use the crock pot a ton”! Hahaha! My crock pot goes into overdrive use the second the weather cools off, too.


Fall is my favorite time of year! I love your list because some of the things are easy to do at home without great expense. Apple cider needs to happen this weekend.


I just love how in the States you make “bucket lists” per season. Fall is huge and it always amazes me that there is a whole shift in recipes etc per season. Such a cute bucket list, always wanted to do a pumpkin patch


We love doing all sorts of activites on the weekend and we’ve already done a bunch of pumpkin patches and I still want to do apple picking. Great list!


I love fall- my crockpot is always going. The pumpkin and apple orchard are always just a trip away. The house is decked for Halloween.loved your list ❤️❤️❤️ Fall is fab!


First of all, Bend is one of my favorite places ever. This is a great list, and I feel ya, I’m in Northern California and we still haven’t seen rain since May.:( I’m still waiting for sweater weather!!!!


Fabulous bucket list! I keep meaning to make one but haven’t yet, so this is a great template for me. Esp. the crock pot – but for us, as much as anything it’s because life gets crazy when everyone is back to school!


I feel you on the hot summer. I lived in Florida until last week when I moved to Alabama. I too love cooking in a crockpot. This will be the first year that our girls carve pumpkins and will also be the first year that I will make a pumpkin pie.


Haha sounds just like me, love your positive attitude looking at the seasons! I walk preside in every type of weather and find myself saying “what a beautiful perfect day!” My kids make fun of me. Falls my favorite favorite too, thanks for the fun ideas!


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