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Book Recommendations Halloween Edition

Halloween books for a friendly Halloween Story Time.

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There used to be a time, not so long ago that I would dress up and go prowl the streets on Halloween. Of course, dragging my husband, who is not the biggest fan of Halloween kind of put a damper on the fun of Halloween.

Now our Halloweens look a lot different. Now we stay in and watch some Halloween movies (mostly Hocus Pocus because we are big scaredy cats) and eat some candy and things are just mellow. Now we have M and my guess is this will be the last low key Halloween we get to spend in for a while.

Our plans are to still dress M up, he has a few options including one pair of baseball player pajamas. The feet are even cleats, so cute. But we will also read him some Halloween books throughout the day and at bedtime.  Here is a list of my favorite Halloween books.

  1.  The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything by Linda Williams – This is one of my all-time favorite fall/Halloween books. When I taught at Head Start we were not allowed to celebrate holidays. However, I would teach this book every October. It is so good for so many reasons! It is great for talking about emotions and it is great for story retelling and repetition, both of which are prereading skills. Plus it is just fun.
  2.  Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson – This is such a sweet book. It is written by the same author as The Gruffalo, which I also love. My husband really enjoys reading this one because it is a rhyming book. This book also teaches about friendship and working together.
  3.  Creepy Carrots! by Aaron Reynolds– This book is so beautiful. It is another one of those books that doesn’t have much color, black and orange mostly, so the illustrations are great for little ones. It was also a Caldecott Award Honor, meaning it didn’t win the actual award but was close. This story is about a bunny who loves to eat carrots but he thinks some bad carrots are following him.
  4.  Goodnight Goon by Michael Rex– This is such a cute book for Halloween. It is a spoof off Goodnight Moon. It is a great rhyming book and it is really funny. Both my husband and I chuckled a little while reading it.
  5.  Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper – This is another book I would teach in my class. The kids and I would make pumpkin soup and have a pumpkin soup party with all the parents. I love this book because everyone has a job to do in making the pumpkin soup, but when Duck wants to use the spoon, cat and squirrel tell him no Duck runs away. It is a great book to teach about taking turns and friendship.

What are your favorite Halloween books to read to your kids? Let me know, I would love to add to my Halloween book list.


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21 replies on “Book Recommendations Halloween Edition”

I’m going to have to check these books out! My 3 year old would love them. The only one I’ve read is Room on the Broom so it’ll be fun to check the others out 🙂


As I don’t know much about Halloween, but it seems fun though. These books look quite interesting. Wish I could celebrate there.


This is a great book list for Halloween! Our favorite is Pumpkin Soup and we have been reading that one every fall for the past several years. I bought it when they were toddlers and they STILL love it. What I love most about that book in particular is the message of friendship it sends.


Thank you for these recommendation. My daughter would love some of these books. I have been looking for books like these.


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