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White Teeth & a Giveaway with SmileBrilliant

I thought I would always have dingy teeth. But then SmileBrilliant reached out and offered their amazing whitening system. Here’s how it worked.

At home teeth whitening

My husband has always had the whitest teeth. When we take pictures together, people always comment on how white his teeth are. They are beautiful and blinding. He is from Los Angeles so he grew up with fluoride in his water, his parents capped his teeth, and if he feels they are dingy he rinses with peroxide.

Teeth Whitening with SmileBrilliant

Then you have me on the other hand, who grew up in a rural community. We didn’t have fluoride in the water. I didn’t go to the dentist regularly growing up because we didn’t always have dental insurance. And by comparison, my teeth have always been way less white.

On top of the way I grew up, I am a huge tea drinker. I mean we are talking 2-4 cups of black tea a day. I went to the dentist before I got married and my hygienist said, “I can tell you drink quite a bit of tea.” I was shocked. I knew my teeth were less white than my husband’s but I didn’t think my daily tea habit really contributed that much to it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always wanted white teeth. I’ve tried tons of products to help get my teeth white; Crest Whitestrips, whitening toothpaste, whitening mouthwash, etc. But nothing worked for me because I suffer from sensitive teeth. I would start with high hopes and in a few days, my teeth would be so sensitive I would have no choice but to stop and deal with my dingy teeth.

But then a few weeks ago SmileBrillant reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in trying their whitening kit. I shared right away that I do suffer from sensitive teeth so I might not be the right fit. However, she quickly assured me SmileBrilliant can work for people with sensitive teeth. So I said yes, let’s try it.

SmileBrillantA week later I received the gels and the kit to make the custom molded trays. Everything SmileBrillantwas so easy to use and understand. I made the mold in 10 minutes and sent them out the following day. A little while later I received the trays in the mail and we were off to the races, so to speak.

Heres how it works:

If you have sensitive teeth you have the whitening gel and the desensitizing gel. Ideally, you would whiten then you would do a desensitizing treatment. Most whitening products cause sensitivity because the ingredients open the pores of the teeth to lift the stains. The desensitizing gel helps reduce or eliminate the temporary tooth sensitivity and closes the pores on the teeth faster.

You can whiten as long or as short as you want between 1-3 hours and desensitizing for 20-30 minutes a day. Most people need 7-10 treatments whitening treatments, usually once a day for a week or so.

How it worked for me:

SmileBrilliant At Home Whitening Kit
Before Picture
As a stay at home mom who sometimes has a hard time remembering to brush her teeth in the morning, let alone get out of the house to go to a dentist for whitening treatments I found SmileBrillant to be really easy to use. I would drink my 2 cups of tea in the morning, brush my teeth (without toothpaste), and put the trays in. Then I would just wear them for about 2 hours and take them out when I remembered I was whitening my teeth.

I’ve seen a few other whitening products out there, like the LED lights, which I would never have time for. I am more of a stick them in and go about your normal mom business. You just happen to also be whitening your teeth at the same time.

The sensitivity though, that is something that was a little more tricky. At first, I wasn’t bothered at all. It didn’t cause any sensitivity the first few treatments. I was using the sensitivity gel every other whitening. But then one day, I went for a walk with my husband and the baby, it was pretty cold outside. I was smiling and talking and the cold air made my teeth hurt. From that day forward I noticed more sensitivity when I would use the whitening gel.

SmileBrilliant At Home Whitening Kit
After Picture

To counteract this, I used the desensitizing gel the day before a whitening and after the whitening treatment, which seemed to help. I knew this was going to be a struggle for me, but I definitely found it bearable.

Would I Suggest This Product?:

Yes, I would! I’ve noticed a huge change in my tooth color. When I post an instastory, I sometimes have to refilm because my teeth look so white I catch myself watching them as I talk.
The sensitive teeth were the thing I was mostly worried about, but the desensitizing gel did help and made it bearable.
It was so easy to use! It didn’t interfere with anything I was doing, including cleaning the house, making dinner, or playing with my son. As a mom, your time is so valuable you don’t have time to be locked in the bathroom with the LED whitening machines but you still want to get great results. I feel like these results speak for themselves.
Giveaway Details:
If you’re interested in getting similar results at home use the code soimamomnow15 for 15% off a SmileBrilliant at home whitening kit.
SmileBrilliant is also hosting a giveaway for a $149 whitening kit credit. To enter click here. But hurry because the giveaway will close in 7 days.
Good luck! I hope you love the results as much as I do!
Smile Brilliant Whitening Results
Tooth Whitening Gel

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The before & after photos are amazing! I’ve used a few different bleaching systems over the years and will be looking into this one for sure! Thank you for sharing this.

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Smile Brilliant sounds like just the solution for most of us these days that struggle to get to the dentist as much as we should. It great to know that this really works and this is something I would like to look into.

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