Subscriptions You’ll Be Obsessed With…

So, I have a problem… Well more like an addiction. I am addicted to monthly subscription boxes. Here is a list of subscriptions I love.

Subscription Boxes

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So, I have a problem… Well more like an addiction. I am addicted to monthly subscription boxes. I find new boxes all the time either on social media, word of mouth, from friends and family, or just surfing the internet.

It started innocently enough a few years back with BirchBox. I mean it’s only $10 a month. I loved getting my BirchBox every month in the mail and I loved finding new beauty products that I had never heard of before. Then I signed up for NatureBox. Then a few others and it quickly escalated into a full-blown addiction.

Fast forward a few years and now you can find subscription boxes for everything. Are you a wine connoisseur? They have a subscription for that. Are you a fashionista but don’t like to go shopping? They have a subscription for that. Are you a foodie who wants to have fresh meals delivered to your door? They have a subscription for that too.

With so many subscription boxes out there, how do you know what boxes will fit your lifestyle, needs, or family? Well, I have compiled a list of my favorite subscription boxes. But if I am missing one that you love, let me know so I can add it to my collection.

Subscriptions For Me:

  1.  FabFitFun: The FabFitFun box gets a lot of attention on social media. You see people from the Kardashians to the Teen Moms promoting the FabFitFun box. And for good reason, it’s amazing! It is a quarterly box with full-size products for a combined retail value of over $200. At $49.99 per quarter, this box works out to be pretty cost-effective. Plus you get access to FabFitFun sales, which is up to 70% off box add-ons and special exclusive offers from brand partners.
  2. Stich Fix: Stitch Fix was one of my most favorite subscription boxes for the two months I tried it. It was so nice because a personal stylist just goes through your style profile on their site and your Pinterest fashion boards and pick five pieces for you every month. You get three days to decide what you want to keep or return (returns are sent in a prepaid postage bag). I have tried and failed miserably to do the same thing by myself. The box itself is pretty inexpensive, only $20 a month, which gets put towards the pieces you chose to keep. But the clothes are a little on the pricey side. I kept this super cute top and sweater and I think each piece was around the $45-60 range, which is a little more than I spend on tops. But the clothes were so cute, and definitely things I couldn’t find in my local shops.
    • Subscriptions Similar to Stich Fix (I haven’t tried)
      • Wantable Style: You receive 5-7 curated apparel and accessories featuring the hottest styles from premium brands. You keep what you want and return what you don’t, the box fee is also $20.
      • Frock Box: You receive 5 clothing pieces to try on at home. You can keep what you want and return the rest. The pieces range between $24 and $79 each and the box is $24.95/month.
      • Trunk Club: This subscription is brought to you by Nordstrom. You create a style profile on their site and talk to one of their stylists. The stylist will create a trunk for you, which you have 48 hours to review. Then it comes to your door, keep what you like send back what you don’t. The styling fee is $25 (waived if you have a Nordstrom card) and this fee is put towards pieces that you want to keep. Being Nordstrom pieces range from $40-$300.
  3. The Monthly Burn: I was just searching around for different subscription boxes and happened upon this and fell in love. The Monthly Burn has 2 subscription types: The Mini and The Original. The Mini is $18.99 and includes one (1) 8 oz surprise scent candle a month. The Original is $27.99 and includes two (2) 8 oz candles. They smell amazing!Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 1.36.26 PM
  4. Lola: I have to throw this subscription in because… Hello Women! Lola is such an awesome subscription because it is something most of us need. Lola sends organic cotton feminine care products to your door. Their organic feminine care products range from $8- $10 per box (depending on size and product). Once you sign up they will send your products monthly. No more having to stand in line and share with the world what’s going on.

Subscriptions for My Husband:

  1. Cairn: This is a local company in Bend, OR, and my husband loves Cairn. When you Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 1.35.02 PMsign up you can choose between two different boxes; monthly or quarterly. If you choose the monthly box ($29.95/month) you will receive 3 – 6 (up to $50 value) products monthly, while the quarterly ($249.95/quarter) box you’ll receive 5 – 10 (up to $350 value) products. The products are so cool and work great for him since he is super outdoorsy. The products have ranged from socks to first aid kits,  or from sun protection to cookware.
  2. Harry’s Shave Club: I am not going to lie, I use this subscription for myself and my husband. Women’s razors are SO EXPENSIVE! This is such a nice subscription because it is so inexpensive. We’re talking about $2.00/razor head, so you can have a subscription for $15 for 8 blades or $21 for 8 blades and shave gel. To put this in perspective the Venus Embrace at Target is $9.99 for the razor and 2 refills (cheap), but then the refills are $18.00 for 5 refills.
  3. Mantry: This is a super fun box. Basically every two months your man will be sent 6 artisan food products. For example, they’ve done previous boxes like Pizza Night, Tailgate Tour, and Bourbon BBQ. In the Bourbon BBQ box we got a nice little book with pictures and recipes and then we also received different artisan food products like a skillet bacon spread, chef’s cut chipotle jerky, bittermilk old-fashioned, etc. It was a super fun box with amazing products we definitely wouldn’t have found around here.
  4. MistoBox: This is a coffee subscription. My husband LOVES his cup of joe in the Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 1.33.20 PMmornings. To start this subscription you fill out your coffee profile, do you like light, medium, or dark roast? Do you like blends, espresso roasted, or single origin roasts? Then you say how often you want the deliveries, that’s it. They have 50 coffee roasters throughout the country and personalize the coffee for you. We only get it once a month as a treat but you can get it delivered as often as once a week.
    • Subscriptions Similar to MistoBox
      • Bean Box: This subscription is fresh top coffees from Seattle. Bean Box has coffee experts that handpick the different roasts every month. You can choose between the Bean Box Coffee Sampler ($19/month) which includes 4 roasts (1.8 oz each whole beans) or the Coffee of the Month ($23/month 12 oz).
      • Moustache Coffee Club: This subscription is very simple, you just choose how much coffee you want 6 – 12 oz and how often you want the coffee to be delivered once a week, every other week, or monthly and they do everything else.
      • Drift Away Coffee: This subscription makes choosing your coffee a little more scientific. When you first sign up they send you a coffee profile kit where you’ll taste 4 different profiles and rate it on their app. Then you will get new coffees and can keep track of the coffees you like.

Subscriptions for US: 

  1. Date Night In Box: If you follow me on Instagram you know how much I love this DNI Delivered With Love 2box! It is so amazing on so many levels, but we love it because it is one date night a month that we do not need to plan. The Date Night In Box comes once a month and includes everything you need for a complete date night in. We have decorated gingerbread houses, had a caramel fondue night, and this month we are doing a take on an escape room complete with characters and everything. Ultimately I love everything about it but the best part is literally not having to plan anything. Since we still don’t like leaving M with anyone these are the best date nights we have. The box is $34.99 per month which is such a good deal because think about how much you spend on dinner and a movie. I highly recommend Date Night In Box for busy parents, busy professionals, actually for everyone because everyone is busy!
  2. Winc: My husband and I are huge wine lovers and this is such a great box for us. We love discovering new wines and keeping our wine fridge stocked. Winc connects you to a world of exclusive wines tailored to your tastes, sending you 4 bottles per month. You can pick your own wine or let them pick the wine for you, Winc is serious about wine, starting at only $13 per bottle but can go up from there. The membership itself doesn’t cost anything and you can skip or cancel whenever.
  3. Cheese of the Month Club: No wine lover’s home would be complete without cheese. This subscription ($34.95/month + $14 for shipping and handling) includes 3 kinds of artisan cheese (about 1/2 lb) that range from traditionally made to farmhouse cheeses from around the world every month and a monthly newsletter describing the cheese profile, history, tasting notes and serving sizes.
  4. Sweet Peas Meals: A month or so ago I wrote a post about 4 steps to menu planning and I shared why I love menu planning (budget friendly, less waste, etc.). Well, another person read my post and asked if I’d heard about this new company called Sweet Peas Meals, which I hadn’t. They shared that I might like it and they were right! I love it! We’ve been using it Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 1.31.48 PMsince January and it is amazing! It is a menu planning service. Sweet Peas Meals comes up with everything, recipes, grocery lists, and preparation notes. It’s awesome and seriously so delicious! My husband and I were members of Plated for a while, which we liked, but it was kind of expensive and we weren’t sure how often we would make the recipes again. The food from Sweet Peas is so delicious, and it has helped me branch out from my comfort zone a quite a bit. The other thing I love about Sweet Peas Meals is it isn’t just for dinner, they also include smoothies, breakfasts, lunches, and baking recipes, which so far everything has been AMAZING! I am planning to do a whole review of this subscription pretty soon so you’ll be able to learn more about it. I signed up with the coupon code SPM2018 and it was for 30% off. I am not sure if this promotion is still running, but try it and let me know.

Subscriptions for Baby (or Kids)

  1. Bluum, Inc.: I love this box so much and the idea behind Bluum, Inc. is so awesome. So, basically, Bluum, Inc. is a monthly subscription for parents that help them discover new products for babies, toddlers and preschoolers to make life a little more fun and a little easier. You typically receive 3 – 4 full-sized products each month based on your child’s age and gender and the general retail value are about $45 or more but the subscription is only $34/month. The thing I love most is you can start Bluum, Inc. during pregnancy and it can go all the way up to 5-year-olds. Another thing I love about Bluum, Inc. is their promise to use organic and responsibly sourced, free of chemical products.
  2. Bookroo: is another subscription box that I LOVE! If you’ve been following me for a little bit you know how much I love books and reading. It is a huge passion of mine. This is a monthly subscription that sends books right to your door! You can choose between Board Books (Junior Box typically for ages 0-2) or Picture Books (typically for ages 2-6). If you choose the Board Book subscription you receive 3 books per month, the Picture Book subscription, you receive 2 books per month. And I love the price, $17.99 per month, which if you buy new books you know that is such a steal because 1 book at Barns and Noble is about $17.99. I love that Bookroo’s mission is to send families hidden gems rather than classics and the books they choose are reviewed extensively by a panel of 12 families attending Stanford University. These families rate the books on a 7-point scale and on re-readability. They have a whole post written on their Bookroo Review Process.
  3. Little Hiker Box: Another passion of mine is the outdoors, hiking, and adventuring which is why I love the Little Hiker Box. Their whole goal is to empower you and your children on the trail, you get munchies and gear for you and your little hiker delivered each month. Each Little Hiker Box includes an item for you (usually apparel or other gear), an item for the little hiker to help them explore, 2 or more snacks, fun outdoor themed products for families, and stickers, activity sheets and other fun and helpful things. You can sign up for the box monthly ($24.99/month), quarterly ($67.47/quarter), or annually ($239.90/year). Once M is a little older I am so excited to give him this Little Hiker Box to help build his love of the outdoors.
  4. Kids Night In Box: So you know how much I love Date Night In Box, well they also KNI Pirate Adventurehave a Kids Night In Box! The whole idea of the Kids Night In Box is about providing experiences for you and your children to share together. It is a monthly box that includes activities (usually a little learning and moving involved), a healthy snack and a little more fun to help build lasting moments and memories with your children. The age range for these boxes is 3-11 years old (not quite M’s age yet) and just like the Date Night In Box, there is no planning required and the box is only $34.99/month. I’ve seen some fun videos and pictures of families using their Kids Night In Box from their Instagram (@kidsnightinbox) and their hashtag (#kidsnightinbox).

As you can tell from this post I am obsessed with subscription boxes! If you have a subscription box that I need to know about let me know in the comments! I don’t want to be missing out on something amazing!



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I want to try so many of these! I’m definitely going to look into the FabFitFun and the Stitch Fix alternatives – I also loved Stitch Fix, but had the price issue as well!

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Dang I thought I had a lot of subscription boxes each month ! 😂 I never heard of Misto and kids night out box ! Thanks for sharing I’m checking those out now 😁

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That is quite the list! I have actually never tried a subscription box, but I am interested to try some of the beauty boxes and stitchfix for sure.

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