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How to Have an at Home Paint Night Date

I’ve always wanted to a paint night date with my husband. I’m going to tell you how you can have a paint night date in the comfort of your home.

How to have an at home paint night date


May’s Making my Husband a Priority Challenge is in full effect. This month’s challenge is all about quality time, and being more intentional about creating quality moments in our crazy busy daily lives. One way I set about doing this for May is by being more intentional about our date nights. And as a result, I set the bar really high! Because we did something I’ve always wanted to do…Paint Night.

I know you’ve seen these cute wine and paint nights. You and your sweetheart get to have a unique date experience out on the town and create art. I have seriously always wanted to do this! I mean I am not really artistic or really inclined to do art, but I just love this whole idea. These classes usually bring together different talent ranges but you’re all there creating the same but different painting. I just think they look/sound like so much fun.

As you know, we have yet to leave our son (11 months old) with a sitter yet. And there was no way we were going to be able to do it this week because…Hello, poor teething baby with 4 teeth trying to pop out. So I wanted to figure out an awesome way to do this fun paint night date night at home. And now that we’ve done it I want to share with you how we did it, so if you’re like me and can’t get out of the house for date night you can still have an amazing time!

How I came up with the idea:

How to have an at home paint date night

You know how much I love The Dating Divas and you their #getyourdateon challenge. Tara goes live every Monday at 11 MST, but last Monday when she went live she was talking about these AMAZING textable invites on their online store. One of the textable invites inspired me! “Let’s Brush Up on Our Painting Skills!

So, of course, I hopped onto my good friend Google and I googled at home paint night. I found a few subscription box memberships like Painting to Gogh but it was kind of expensive and I didn’t really like any of the pictures they had. Then I had a brilliant idea (if I do say so myself) to see if there were any YouTube paint instructors. I mean YouTube has so many things… And I was right they had painting classes!

Here is what you need:

First, you need to pick what painting you are going to paint. We watched this one by The Art Sherpa. She has a lot of reviews, subscribers, and TONS of options to choose from.

In the description of the episode The Art Sherpa tells you what supplies you’ll need for the painting, but here are the things I bought for our date night. Also, I want to shout out Michaels because they now have an order online pick up in the store option. I didn’t have to walk around the store and look for anything. I just went in and picked up my order! It was such a time saver! A lot of things were on sale, plus I had a 40% off one regularly priced item so I spent $52.87.

At Home Date: Paint Night

The Art Sherpa did this painting as one canvas, but my husband and I wanted to make the painting in two parts. So we divided the painting in half, he did one side and I did the other.

The actual date:

After we put M down we got started. Since neither my husband nor myself are really artistic it was a struggle. Something I should tell you, we are not artists but we both suffer from perfectionism. I was able to get the hang of the sky but struggled with the trees. My husband struggled with the sky but rocked the trees.

Something that came out of this date that I was not expecting was the struggle. However, these struggles allowed us to offer suggestions and encouragement. We are both fixers, so this was a good exercise in not being able to fix the problem but instead just offering suggestions and encouragement.

At Home Date: Paint Night

I love the finished product, and I feel like even though we can see a few mistakes in our paintings this date definitely gave us a much-needed boost of closeness and love. The last thing about this date… Plan for it to take longer than you think. The Youtube is only an hour but it took us about 2 hours or maybe even a little longer to finish. But it was worth it.

Have you ever done a paint night date, either at home or out on the town? Did you like the way it turned out? I would love to hear about your paint night experience. If you decide to do a paint night date night I would love to know how it goes. It was so fun and we both would definitely do it again.



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