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7 Accounts I Love Following on Instagram

My husband has jokingly said, “I think you’re obsessed” and joking or not, I think he might be right. I’ve listed my favorite 7 accounts on Instagram.

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I love Instagram. My husband has jokingly said, “I think you’re obsessed” and joking or not, I think he might be right. I love to watch what other people are doing, I have learned a lot from other DIYers, I have found great deals I might not have otherwise known about, and I love the connections I’ve made through Instagram. Plus, can we talk about the beautiful pictures? I am not very good with the pictures, but there are people on Instagram who take the most amazing pictures I want to 1) figure out how I can take amazing pictures like that too and 2) crawl into their shots because it looks so amazing and I like I should just be right there. So I have compiled a list of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow right now. But before I start, I want you to know no one has paid me to talk about these accounts or anything like that. I am simply sharing these accounts with you because I LOVE them, and I am always waiting for them to post stories so I can see what they are doing.

Instagram account I love to follow:

  1. Classy Clutter: I have mentioned them in tons of posts, but I just love them so much. Classy Clutter is run by two best friends Mallory and Savanah and they live in AZ. These women are total DIYers and I love watching all the amazing things they do with their homes. I have taken many of their ideas and implemented them in my own home. They also have an amazing blog and youtube channel where they help you learn how to do some of the amazing stuff that they do. Plus, they just came out with their own Class Clutter Collection full of amazing pillow covers, wallpaper, furniture, etc. Plus they are hilarious and totally down to earth. They inspire people all the time to do their amazing ideas and you can check it out with the #classycluttermademedoit.
  2. Feeding Littles: I recommend this account all the time to every mom I know. They pexels-photo-1471752are just so amazing and I follow literally every piece of advice they give out. This account is run by a registered dietician and a certified occupational feeding therapist. These women have so much experience around food and baby led weaning. If you are worried about your child/children being or becoming picky eaters this is the best account to follow. I am a total Type A mom but through a lot of the stories from Feeding Littles I have really learned how to let go and not make food such a big deal. They will eat when they are hungry, they self regulate if they want to eat cake first don’t sweat the small stuff. Plus Megan posts delicious and quick meals and great lunch box ideas. They also have a great blog full of helpful information and where you can purchase the baby and/or toddler courses.
  3. Everyday Reading: I love reading. I love reading for myself, I love reading to M, but good books can be hard to find sometimes. Janssen used to be a librarian and her whole account is based on “helping all ages find page-turners.” Which she definitely delivers on, I have rented tons of her recommended books from my local library. She also helped me build my love for audiobooks and this year she started the Everyday Reading Book Club where each month she and her followers will read a book together and then she will get on stories and talk about it. So far it has been pretty fun/interesting. And if you want more information from Janssen her blog is really great!
  4. Tara Thueson: If you are looking for life hacks this is the person you need to pexels-photo-1542252follow! She is amazing. She has hacks for everything, organizing the center console of your car, getting your kids ready in the morning, planning a trip and finding a great deal, techy tips. You name it she does it. Plus she has great fashion, hair, and beauty tips. Her family is super cute and I just love seeing what she is up to. She also just started a blog, which was so genius because it is a great way to find all the amazing info she talks about if you missed it in her stories.
  5. Arrows and bow: Ashley is so sweet and she throws great dance parties on her stories. She is all about minimalism, but she is also all about making connections and being real in all the things you post on Instagram. She and her family used to live in an RV and that is where she really learned about experiences over things. Now that they live in a house in the San Jose region she transferred that knowledge into their home and I just love watching her stories. She really works to put her husband first and her kids are so cute. You’ll love following her.
  6. What Lola Likes: I love Lola. She is a mom of two girls and she is just living the real life. She is so down to earth, offers practical advice, and her real talk posts on her pexels-photo-174938blog are the things we’ve all been thinking but no one has been talking about. Plus she has amazing recommendations for green/clean beauty supplies. I love watching her daughters grow right in front of my eyes and I get a lot of ideas of fun things to do with M at home from her.
  7. Chris Love Julia: This is a newer account for me to be following and after 2 or 3 days I was hooked and in love. They are currently renovating a beautiful A-frame cabin and every time I watch their stories I get total HGTV vibes and inspiration. I love Julia’s style, she offers great home tips, and she isn’t afraid to post about a sale. If you are into home renovation shows you will love following along with Chris Loves Julia on Instagram and on her Blog.

Do you follow any of these accounts on Instagram? If not tell me about your favorite accounts to follow on Instagram and why. I am always looking to be inspired and connect with other people on this amazing little platform.



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