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Kids Bathroom Remodel

Our new bathroom remodel turned out amazingly! Here are all the links for what we used in our bathroom.

2020 has been a year, but I am sure you do not need me to tell you that. You are experiencing that for yourself. But I think Covid brought a few good things too. And one of those good things is house updates. With people stuck in their homes for extended periods of time people started to notice things they wanted to change or they finally had the time to change the things they wanted to update.

This is sort of what happened for us. We knew after our big kitchen remodel, a year and a half ago, we would update the bathrooms at some point. Our house was built in 2004 and we’ve lived here since 2013 with very little updates. During quarantine we came up with a list of projects we wanted to get done in the house.

Even with quarantine my husband became busier than ever which meant we didn’t have any time to do the project ourselves. So we were on a mission to find a contractor. Finding a contractor can be so scary, there are millions of horror stories out there about contractors who took the money and ran, who said they would do the work but then just didn’t show up, or not even being able to find a contractor at all. We were very lucky with our contractor. He is the husband to a good friend of mine and he just started his own business, A & H Residential Repair.

Chris worked very hard and was also so courteous. He always wore a mask and knew that nap times were very important. He also knew my husband and I are perfectionists and he went over and above to make sure we were happy with everything, and let me tell you we are VERY happy with the bathroom remodel.

This blog post is to share pictures but to also give you all links to the stuff we used all in one place. If you have any questions please leave me a comment I am super happy to talk about this amazing project!

Bathroom Paint Colors:

White: Behr Swiss Coffee

Blue: Behr Pencil Point




Foaming Hand Soap Dispensers



Floor Tile

Tile Grout Charcoal

Toilet– A note about this toilet… I love the design and how it doesn’t have the S drain exposed, but I do not love this toilet for one big reason. The flush isn’t powerful enough to clear the bowl and with a newly potty trained preschooler it can be kind of messy, if you catch my drift.

Toilet Paper Holder

Floating Shelves I loved these shelves specifically because they had the towel bar already attached. This saved us from having to install a seperate towel bar or hook into the actual wall.

Hand Towels

Amber Glass Bottles

Clear Jars

Shower Curtain

Shower Curtain Rod

Bathtub I am so in love with this bathtub. It has a nice soaking depth and the tub feels huge when you are in it.

Bathtub Drain

Bathtub Faucet This was not the original bathtub faucet I picked out I actually fell in love with the Moen Align but the valve didn’t match up and we didn’t want to change it. So we just ordered one that would match with our valve.

Subway Tile

Tile Grout Delorean Grey

Hooks for Towels (not pictured)

I am so in love with our new bathroom. I knew I wanted shiplap, subway tile, and the dark navy color. All the rest of the stuff just came together. If you ask Abe he will tell you that he designed it, and I will definitely share credit with him. I did make him look at 10 different floor tiles, 5 different toilets, 3 different vanities. But our design definitely worked out and I love the results.


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