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Why Using an Assertive Voice With Your Children is Important

PARENTING IS SO HARD! I’m sharing an answer to the question you’ve been asking… “how do I get my kid to do what I want?”

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Making My Husband a Priority May Recap

The month of May was all about quality time. Here is the May recap of the Making my Husband a Priority Challenge.

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Making my Husband a Priority Challenge: April Recap

A recap of the month of April’s Making My Husband a Priority challenge. Each month I will choose 1 of the 5 Love Languages to focus on and do things for my husband based on that love language. April was Words of Affirmation.


Podcasts for the Whole Family

“I have only just discovered podcasts! I thought it was just a useless app on my phone! How wrong was I?”

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The Importance of Independent Play…

Independent play offers so many wonderful benefits to children as they grow. But it can be hard to even know where to start when trying to encourage independent play. Here are a few ideas of how to start independent play with your children.